Trader Joe Fees

Given the rise of DeFi applications on Avalanche, we’ve had a bit of interest in listing the TraderJoe exchange.

TraderJoe seems to fit all the listing criteria (launched in June, so over 6 months old, and fee revenue accrues to the protocol using token buy-backs).

I’m looking to see if anyone would be willing to build out the adapter for TraderJoe fee data.

Oyh o/

Is there any examples of an adapter I could look at ? I have a bit of free time and could take a shot at it (not promising anything ^^).

Hey @Sanghren! Glad to hear you’re interested in taking a look into this.

You can see some of the existing adapters here:

Unfortunately, there’s no documentation yet, but i’m happy to answer any questions or provide assistance.

Am trying to get the example adapter running but I keep having an issue Error: t.getTime is not a function.

Tried with 3 browsers (firefox, chrome and brave). Any idea of what I’m doing wrong ? I just went on the link you mentioned above, “Create New Adapter” and then tried to “test” it by selecting a date. But it always gives me the same error :frowning: .

Hey, I’m happy to help you debug that, I’ll shoot you a DM :slight_smile: