Fee Revenue - Listing Criteria

The following criteria has been copied from the listing criteria on CryptoFees.info. This top post will be updated if the community would like to update the listing criteria.

As DeFi and the entire blockchain industry continues to grow, there’s been a surge in interest to be listed on this site. We’ve worked together with the community to develop this set of criteria to ensure that the site remains a simple and trustworthy source of information.

Listing criteria

To be listed, make sure your protocol meets the following criteria:

  1. The project is a decentralized protocol powered by blockchain technology
  2. The protocol has been live for at least 6 months
  3. Fees are designed to incentivize adding value to the protocol
  4. Any user may join the protocol to earn a share of fees
  5. Fees are primarily paid by end-users, not other protocols


Meets criteria:

  • Data provided by an independent, respected institution like CoinMetrics
  • Data provided by an open-source indexer, such as a Graph Protocol subgraph

Does not meet criteria:

  • DEX aggregator where fees are paid to the operator
  • NFT marketplace where fees are paid to the NFT creator or the marketplace
  • Protocol where a majority of the fees are paid to a permissioned treasury

For criteria #1, how are we defining “decentralized” for an L1 protocol? Is there a well-defined threshold number of validators required?

No, there’s no criteria at the moment for “decentralized”. I believe most L1s should qualify (we include relatively centralized chains like BSC and XRP).

Which chains did you have in mind?