Updated Adapter - Simple Treasuries v0.1.3 (BitDAO addition)

I’ve published an updated adapter for Simple Treasuries

Thanks for the update!

This change has been included, and BitDAO is now available.

Probably for a new topic but couldn’t figure out in which category should go, but I noticed a bug with data
Im currently using sdk and was working fine, but now seems there is sort of cache and portfolio data doesn’t match the one on Zerion api

Also doing a research saw the rest api is also having the same problem https://api.cryptostats.community/api/v1/treasuries/currentTreasuryPortfolio
wrong data on api or using sdk

from the adapter editor all seems fine and matching zerion


Any idea what could be causing this?

Update on this, seems now cache renewed and reflected the new data, now there are diff again probably until cache refreshed.
@David There is a way to control cache refresh time on the sdk?

Hey @octavioamu, sorry I’m just catching up on this thread!

The numbers look pretty up-to-date when I check. Did you try doing hard refreshes when loading data?