Updated Adapter - GnosisDAO Treasury

Hi! I’ve updated the GnosisDAO Treasury

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Hey @Zarathustra, sorry I’m just getting to take a look at this!

I looked over the adapter and it looks good, however it appears that 0xec83f750adfe0e52a8b0dba6eeb6be5ba0bee535 is the “vesting” address for GNO.

Could you change it so it doesn’t show up under “liquid” balance, and so that the vesting GNO is displayed separately in the “portfolio”?

The ENS treasury adapter could be a good reference for this.

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Hey, @David! Thanks for looking at the adapter. I’ve changed it so that the vesting GNO is displayed as you requested. Let me know if it’s okay.

Thank you again, cheers!

Looks great, I’ve verified it. Thanks!