Total value of bridged assets

With more and more bridges being built between various blockchains, it would be interesting to look at some metrics around asset bridging. The metrics I have in mind are:

Primarily, I think this would measure the total value bridged onto a chain, as this would give some interesting data on which chains are “pulling” value from others.

It would also be interesting to see the total value of assets bridged off a chain: for example how much ETH has been bridged onto various other chains, now much UST, etc.

While I think this metric would be interesting on all chains, it would be especially interesting in the context of Cosmos and IBC.

Would tBTC, wBTC & renBTC count as bridges of BTC to ETH?

I think so!

Would be good to filter by the different types of bridges: fully-trustless (rollup bridges), semi-trustless (IBC, tBTC), multisigs (wormhole, ren, UST) and fully custodial (WBTC).