Synthetix Fees

I noticed Synthetix fees are not correctly displaying on

Here’s an updated adapter, for your review: Synthetix Adapter - fees - CryptoStats

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Looks great, thanks for fixing this!

I’ve verified the adapter, and should update shortly

Great, thanks! It looks like aggregates fees from Uniswap (and other protocols) across different deployments. Is it possible to do this with the Ethereum + Optimism deployments of Synthetix?

Hey @noahlitvin, the current adapter tracks mainnet & Optimism deployments of Synthetix:

Is there any data missing?

Looks good! I think it updated shortly after I posted above. Thanks.

Hey David, we updated the adapter to include all fees from Synthetix, including our perps product, and it seems the CryptoFees reports aren’t pulling in the correct info. From our data engineer:

*On 6/15/22, cryptostats Synthetix adapter reports when running oneDayTotalFees for Optimism, 97375.63389873579 *

However, on cryptofees, the same date is displayed as 21662 on the website and the graphs clicking for details this discrepency is not just on the 15th, if you look at their graph for optimism fees on cryptofees, it does not show any of the correct values for the recent days there either

Hey @mike, thanks for updating the Synthetix adapter!

However, I don’t believe any update has been reviewed yet. Could you share the link for the updated adapter?

I believe this is it: Synthetix Adapter - CryptoStats

We’re still verifying that adapter change, but I’ll follow up ASAP.

In the meantime, we’re noticing a discrepancy between what we’re seeing on the current adapter (which is here? Synthetix Adapter - CryptoStats) and what appears on None of the queries on the first link seem to generate what’s being displayed on the site. Any insight? Thanks!

Hey @David - can we update to this adapter that @mike linked? Thanks!