Ribbon Revenue

Subgraph wont take timestamp param sadly.

EDIT: not spam

@danger you can query subgraphs at different times using block numbers

Better explanation in this tutorial:

Thank you for the feedback David I didn’t realise, sorry. Here are 2 updated adapters:


(unable to post the links as a comment)

The metadata may be messy. Please advise if anything should be changed.

Further to comments on Discord:

Verified, thanks @danger!

For future reference, here’s the comment from Ken of Ribbon re: revenue only collected on fridays:


Hey @danger, one issue I’m noticing is that CryptoFees.info doesn’t cache values if they’re “0”, so this query keeps getting re-run for all days except friday.

I was thinking maybe we could update the adapter to hardcode a value of 0 for all dates except Friday. Any thoughts?

Edit: it also should have a tokenLaunch field in the metadata, which I believe is October 6