Ren project

Ren was previously on Crypto Fees but had to be removed because the rewards earned by RenVM could no longer be tracked on-chain on Ethereum, given a major update to RenVM’s design. RenVM also earns rewards on multiple chains which makes tracking harder.

But now finally RenVM revenue can be tracked using this new service:

It would be hugely appreciated if Ren could be reintroduced to Crypto Fees!


Yes please add Ren again, cryptofees was the main place to go for me, would love to see Ren stats there again!


Yes please bring Ren back! The only protocol that earns bitcoin for node operators must be on Crypto Fees.


TVL is a terrible way to evaluate the fundamentals of certain projects. REN needs Cryptofees! Please bring it back.



Ren 100% deserves to be re-introduced, especially with the newly-released Command Centre.

If you require any futher support with regards to adding Ren again, please reach out to us:



Thanks CryptoStats


As a protocol with millions in daily volume and thus tens of thousands of dollars or more in fees for Darknode Operators, it would be awesome to see Ren back on the list again. I used to check it daily before the change that Max alluded to in his original post.

Thanks David!


Would love to see support for this. Now that Ren is starting to accrue revenue across multiple chains, I would love to come here for a single view of fees earned in caparison to other projects :pray:


I’d love to see support for Ren re-established (making Crypto Fees an even greater resource than it is currently)!

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With all the recent developments to Ren and their tracking system, I feel now more than ever is a fitting time to re-integrate Ren to Crypto Fees’ ecosystem.

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REN is one of the selected protocols that generate revenue and pay it token holders. I believe that ist what cryptofees is all about. like to see it up against the other blue chips again.

Just posting a quick update (since this is the one thread on this board that actually has any activity :slight_smile:)

I built an adapter using the new Ren stats API, however it seems that the API recalculates the USD price each day. This means that the total fee value can drop if the price of the asset drops.

I’m working with the team to get this issue fixed, and should have an update ready soon.


Thanks for the update @David, I’m sure you will fix it in no time. :+1:

i made an edit to count renBTC issuance. it is not much but I hope it helps.