Protocol Fees

Currently, the “oneDayTotalFees” metric measures all fees that are paid to a protocol. This typically represents the total revenue, and can allow calculating P/S ratios.

However, many have requested that a separate metric be created, which would provide only fees that are accrued to the protocol.

I’d like to propose a “oneDayProtocolFees” metric, which would include any fee revenue that goes to the following areas:

  • Accrues to the DAO treasury (ENS)
  • Paid directly to token holders (Synthetix)
  • Used for a token buy-back (Maker)

Yes, separating our supply side and protocol revenue is important.

Perhaps all protocols could report TotalFees and compatible adapters could also report SupplySideFees and ProtocolFees (the later 2 should always sum to TotalFees),

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