OlympusDAO Treasury and Fees

Hey team - Glueeater from OlympusDAO.

Treasury: 0x31F8Cc382c9898b273eff4e0b7626a6987C846E8

We also have allocators to deploy capital -
AaveAllocator: 0x0e1177e47151Be72e5992E0975000E73Ab5fd9D4
OnsenAllocator: 0x0316508a1b5abf1CAe42912Dc2C8B9774b682fFC
ConvexAllocator: 0x3dF5A355457dB3A4B5C744B8623A7721BF56dF78

We also generate LP fees since we own our liquidity - more information and revenue available here: Dune Analytics


Small update - we are up to $204M in treasury assets.

Here’s our LP fee query too: Dune Analytics