New Adapter - dsETH v0.0.1

gm community, I’ve published a new adapter for dsETH APY.

dsETH is the Diversified Staked ETH Index by Index Coop (Introducing the Diversified Staked ETH Index ($dsETH) | Yield Products | Index Coop).

We’d love to be included as a source for staking your ETH.

p.s. as communicated by funkmaster, here is IndexCoop adding the dsETH adapter, please let me know if it’s ok or if there should be any changes @David

Hey @jd_index, thanks for putting this adapter together!

To get it listed on SimpleStakers, we’d need a few more queries to be added to match the data we have from other staking tokens. Primarily, we’d want totalStakedETH (self explanatory) and underlyingAssetMarketRate (calculates the market discount of the asset vs. the NAV).