New Adapter - Cosmos v0.0.1

I’ve published a new adapter for Cosmos

Awesome work! Would be great to have the Cosmos Hub listed, especially so we can compare it against other chains in the Cosmos ecosystem (Terra, Osmosis, etc).

These queries are failing in the browser due to CORS issues. I’ll add this API to our proxy server to work around that issue.

Also, I think we need to remove the dateRangeTotalFees query from the adapter, since we’re only grabbing the ATOM price on the end date.

Finally, I think the metadata should make it clear that this is just the “Cosmos Hub”, not the whole Cosmos ecosystem. So maybe adjusting the name, description and maybe the ID to reflect that.

Thanks, just pushed the modifications (removing dateRangeTotalFees, adjusting name, description and id to reflect cosmos-hub)!

Here is the new adapter:

I’ve added the URL endpoint to the CrypoStats proxy API:

If you use this URL in the adapter, then it should work in any context (browser, etc)

Also, 2019-12-11 is the first date that I was able to do a successful query. Can you update the protocolLaunch to that date?

Thanks, just brought the edits requested! Using the proxy url and changing launch date.

There seem to be some dates for which there is no data though (2022-01-30 and 2021-12-08 do not work for example, while 2021-12-15 does work).

Looks like this is working now, I’ve verified it! Thanks!

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