Mycelium Fee Revenue

Hello everyone!

I’m from Mycelium (, we primarily deal in derivatives and leveraged trading on Arbitrum on our Perpetual Swaps platform.

I have deployed a Fee Revenue adapter to IPFS and was hoping to get it approved.

Let me know if you require any further information or changes to the code.

Looks great, just approved it!

Thanks for your contribution!

@David hey we are looking to add Mycelium to the TVL adapter page as well so we can add a Mycelium TVL subadapter: DeFiLlama - TVL Adapter - tvl - CryptoStats

Also just a small update - I realise the incorrect token name was supplied in the coingecko field (myc instead of mycelium). I have published an updated adapter version located here:

Apologies for the oversight!

Just approved he updated Mycelium adapter :slight_smile:

Feel free to push an update to the TVL adapter, although I’ll add that it’s not used very much.

I have published an update to the TVL adapter, fetching the new data from the Defi Llama API at the top

Seems like it added (and also removed) a lot of protocols since the initial adapter was deployed, hope that that won’t be an issue

Adapter can be found published at: