MIM Issuance

Hey this was my first task. It’s small just so I can confirm my work flow is correct. Please give feedback thanks

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It is interesting that you picked the stable coin issuance, all other in the category appear to be governance type tokens. That said I think it is an interesting metric.

Abracadabra has two tokens that are issued, MIM and Spell.

I wonder how many other projects issue more than one type of issued token like this and if there should be categories for issued tokens.

Thanks for your feedback - maybe a separate stable-coin dashboard would be useful?

Hey @danger, thanks for building with this adapter!

I agree with @ap0calyp that stablecoin issuance doesn’t really fit into the existing “issuance” collection, which is more meant to show inflation/dilution.

However, there’s been discussion about a new collection for stablecoin metrics, I think there’s definitely a spot for something like this there.

More details here: