Merit Circle DAO Treasury

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Would love to get the Merit Circle DAO’s treasury available in your products.

You can find an overview here;



We have been working alongside Merit Circle since launch, and have seen the Merit Circle DAO treasury develop and strengthen over that time.

After an extremely successful Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool which raised over $100m, the treasury has deployed significant seed investments across GameFi, and actively deployed funds across a variety of DeFi protocols.

This had led to Merit Circle having one of the largest DAO treasuries across all of crypto, and this doesn’t include the native MC tokens the DAO holds. We believe it would be a worthy addition to your products, and look forward to seeing the MC treasury grow in the future.

Managing Partner
Sad Cat Capital

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Merit Circle has been on the verge of gaming projects investment and DAO development for the past 6 months. Would be really nice to see them competiting for the best DAO spots in the list. Cheers