Loopring fees

I’ve discussed Loopring fees with the @loopring account on Twitter. Loopring does have a subgraph (https://thegraph.com/hosted-service/subgraph/loopring/loopring), however it’s not currently in a position to provide aggregate fee data, as mentioned by @loopring:

Getting the total ‘transaction fees paid’ from our subgraph (which includes many different tokens) might not be so straightforward. We also haven’t implemented the $USD derivation yet on our subgraph so we’re using Uniswap’s API to get these figures on our block explorer in the meantime

I’m in discussion with the team about the potential of updating this subgraph.

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@David Curious question. Then I could close the issue that I have made on the Github Project.

Does this include a feature where you can see the swap fee price of Loopring when you use the Orderbook?
Using the orderbook of Loopring application instead will create a substantial lower fee, even negative fee. Which is very ideal for people who swap a lot.

Hey, which Github issue are you referring to?

Ideally, we’d like to show any fees that users pay on Loopring.


Hey David, thanks for the reply <3

I was referring to this issue: Loopring's Swap Token Column displays not enough information · Issue #15 · dmihal/l2-fees · GitHub

Basically, there are different ways to swap in Loopring. You can swap easily on the swap page or in the app. This has higher fee than the orderbook as I have mentioned.

Loopring rewards the users for using the orderbook which makes swapping considerably more cheaper.
However, if you trade a pair that has an orange check, then you will get a minus fee, so rewarded, if you trade them in the orderbook.

I believe this is a crucial information that is missing out on the l2fees website.

You could check out Loopring 3.6 Average Cost Transaction (last 24 hours)

This is the full Dune page for Loopring.

Loopring also came up just today with sentio page if you are interested