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I’m Emiliano, contributor at Idle Treasury League, and we’d like to request listing of Idle DAO Treasury on

Below you can find an overview of the Idle governance and the Idle DAO Treasury info.

About the Idle Governance (DAO)

Idle is a decentralized protocol dedicated to bringing automatic asset allocation and yield aggregation to the interest-bearing tokens economy.

The Idle protocol is governed by a DAO, the Idle Governance, represented by $IDLE token holders. The DAO directs and manages the strategic decisions of the protocol through the IIPs (Idle Improvement Proposals), enabling community participants to contribute to the protocol’s future developments.

The Idle Governance (TopDAO) has the power to allocate economic resources and assign tasks to the Idle Leagues (subDAOs). Through snapshot polls, the Governance can assign/revoke the budget to the subDAO at any time or stop financing it, and can elect/remove their members in charge for the mandate duration (currently 3 months).

  • Learn more about the Idle protocol through the official website;
  • Take a look at the Idle Governance (DAO) structure and the Leagues (subDAOs) model here.

Idle DAO Treasury :moneybag:

Currently, the Idle Treasury is composed of:

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Hello there!
Having a quick look at these contracts on etherscan/debank, seems like the DAO treasury assets are mostly held in the Idle Treasury League, the Ecosystem Fund and Long Term Fund, totalling around 6.5M USD. Looks correct?

Hey @jochemla :wave:

Yes correct, a big part of the Idle DAO treasury is distributed mainly in those three addresses you mentioned.

If it’s more practical, here’s the treasury bundle created with Zapper

Idle DAO is now listed on openorgs!