Habitat rollup transfer fees

Hey David and team,

Wanted to suggest 0xhabitat and it’s “transfer ETH” + “transfer token” fees on an application specific optimistic rollup. The application built around it is used to scale DAOs and their coordination and governance process. This includes also fund transfers from treasuries or user to user.

We are also listed at https://l2beat.com/ We are live and running on Mainnet. The fee is currently paid via $HBT at a fixed rate of 0.5 HBT per transaction (including transfers of any token on the Rolllup). That would be around $0.35 per transfer at the time of writing.

Let me know if you need anything from us. :v:

Hey Max, thanks for submitting this!

Our current criteria is to include protocols included on L2Beat, so should be fine to list Habitat transfer fees.

Is your team open to building the adapter, or do you need someone from our community to help with it? You can see the existing adapters here: