Deversifi Fees

I’ve been chatting with Will Harborne, founder of Deversifi, about adding their L2 transaction fees. Here’s relevant quotes from him:

all token and ETH transfers have a fixed cost of 1 USD regardless of L1 gas cost, and trades are ‘free’ in terms of gas except for swap fees which are a percentage of trade

There is an endpoint here that returns other fees:…
(transfer fee, default trade fee etc, default swap fee)
Gas fees are essentially subsidised, meaning that there is zero base fee for a swap, but it is assumed that the 0.3% swap fee will cover the gas cost of proof on-chain.

Given that Loopring already shows the total swap fee for a 0.1 ETH swap, we should probably do the same thing for Deversifi to be consistent.

Consistent approach with Loopring for using the swap fee on 0.1 ETH sounds good!

Also small note: its Deversifi (with an e)