bZx DAO Treasury with about $170m

BZx is going fully DAO with a treasury of about $170m.

bZx is a DeFi trading, lending and borrowing protocol.

DAO: 0x9da41f7810c2548572f4Fa414D06eD9772cA9e6E
Treasury: 0xe94351E6B538ceaf292fD56254A5dB5D4a0A62aF
Timelock: 0xfedC4dD5247B93feb41e899A09C44cFaBec29Cbc

BZRX: 0x56d811088235f11c8920698a204a5010a788f4b3

Hey, bZx has been added to OpenOrgs, with the treasury visible here:

I’m going to mark this as complete. Please post here if there’s any updates needed.

Hey David!

bzx rebranded now to Ooki. Could you pls update the information?

Website -

Governance Site - Snapshot
Governance Forum -
Treasury Addresses - 0xfedc4dd5247b93feb41e899a09c44cfabec29cbc

The new logo is:

Thank you very much!

Any chance you have that logo as an SVG? We always prefer SVGs when possible.

Feel free to update the data in the adapter directly here:

Otherwise, me or someone from our community can update it as well.

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Hey David. Sry for the delay!

Enclosed a link to the svg since it is not possible to upload here.

I would fell better if you pros do that. :slight_smile:

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Updated the adapter to the newest logo :slight_smile:


Thanks Eylon.

We still need also the data changed. Name, website etc…

Hi! Any news on this? :slight_smile:

Hey guys!

We really would like to get those details updated.

Anything we can do on our end to get this done @David?

Thank you very much!