Add Support for Origin Protocol on Cryptofees and Simplestakers


I am Peter from Origin Protocol. Several weeks ago I submitted the application to have one of our tokens, OGV added to Unfortunately, I never heard back, and received no response when reaching out on the community Telegram. I believe OGV meets the criteria to be listed:

1. Is the project a decentralized protocol powered by blockchain technology

Yes, Origin Protocol is a collection of decentralized yield aggregators on the Ethereum blockchain. OGV is the governance and yield-accrual token for Origin Protocol.

2. Has the protocol has been live for at least 6 months

Yes, OUSD has been live since September 2020, and OETH has been live since March 2023.

3. Are Fees designed to incentivize adding value to the protocol

Yes, 10% of the yield generated by OUSD and OETH are distributed to OGV stakers. The higher the OUSD/OETH TVL, and the longer users choose to stake, the larger reward they will receive. The protocol is designed for the long-term.

4. May any user join the protocol to earn a share of fees

Yes, any user can obtain OGV and stake it on the OGV staking site ( to earn a share of the fees.

5. If some fees accrue to a project treasury, it must be less than 33% of total fees

OGV fees accruing to the Origin treasury are 10% of the yield generated by OUSD and OETH.

6. Reliable data feed

A reliable data feed for OGV fees can be found via this API: OGV protocol fees (

I would also like to request that OETH be added to - the trailing APY for OETH can be taken via APIs that I will leave in the comments of this post.

OETH trailing APY, change the number at the end of the link for desired timeframe:

Logos for OGV and OETH can be found here: