Add Stakeborg DAO to simple treasuries

This DAO is listed in the first 100 in Deepdao, so it seems relevant.
My motivation is also making sure it appears on on which I’m working and which is making use of Simple Treasuries.
I may want to add more DAOs later, like in the top 200. Is Simple Treasuries the right place to do this? If yes, then I believe this new addition is relevant.


Hey @lajarre, thanks for adding this!

The image you included is a PNG, so you need to add the iconType: 'image/png' attribute so it renders correctly (the code uses SVG by default).

Also, can you remove - Clone from the name on line 1? For future reference, that gets automatically added if you click “fork” instead of “edit” on an adapter.

Hey - is this better?

Looks great, it’s been approved!