Add EOS Fees

Added EOS fees (native protocol earnings)

Stats collected from EOS Authority:

oneDayTotalFees: 404.6364206781
networkFeesByDayUSD: 404.6364206781

Hey @DenisCarriere, thanks for putting this together!

Unfortunately, I don’t think this approach will work, we need to be able to query fees on a given calendar day, not just the last 24 hours.

Updated the EOS Fees adapter v0.1.2 to work with historical date query


Should be working with any given day in the past for both “fees” & updated historical price with CoinGecko.

Hey @DenisCarriere, thanks for this update!

One thing it’s missing is a protocolLaunch attribute in the metadata, data should be available from that date and any day forward.

If you add protocolLaunch, it should be good to approve!

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OK sounds good!

Will add that attribute to the adapter :ok_hand:

:white_check_mark: added protocolLaunch to the following v0.1.3 adapter


Queries in 2018 are failing, I see the error message [date] REX fees only start at 2019-05-03

Can you change the protocolLaunch date to 2019-05-03?

Ah yes, dates prior to that timeframe causes some issue.

The fees accumulated on EOS in the first year were simply accumulated in various account, the latest fee generation method today is using REX (Resource Exchange). Let me add support on the API to support legacy fees.

@David should be fixed now, any queries at protocolLaunch date are functional

Legacy & latest protocol fees are now supported

Newest update looks good, just approved it!

Thanks for your contribution @DenisCarriere!