Abracadabra SPELL - fee revenue

can I request Abracadabra SPELL fees on CryptoFees?
Here is a repo for fee calculation logic:

Thought I’d share the update here:

@BowTiedIguana messaged with the team at Abracadabra, who said that their fees API isn’t currently available to the public. We’ll wait for an update on that.

One more update:

@BowTiedIguana shared some code that was previously used for tracking MIM fees:

Looking through the code, it seems pretty simple to track the LogAccrued events on each Cauldron contract.

I put together this simple subgraph that tracks a single Cauldron:


Source code:

All that needs to be done is to auto-detect Cauldrons that are deployed and index them all. this can be done by tracking LogDeploy events emitted by BentoBox with a MasterContract of 0x1df188958a8674b5177f77667b8d173c3cdd9e51. (Sample tx)

Thanks for the inspiration!