Aave is currently one of the few protocols using legacy fee adapters, which only fetch data from the previous day. This means that websites can only show historical data from the cached data.

The Aave adapter should be upgraded to a complete adapter that allows querying fee data from any day. A subgraph would be ideal for this.

Additionally, the Aave data should be split into the various Aave deployments (V1, V2, Polygon), and any future deployments (Optimism, Aave Arc).

This is complete! Aave now supports historical data and per-deployment values

Shout-out to the Aave team for building the new adapters :slight_smile:

@David adjusted the adapter to include v3 markets (except harmony as it’s not supported on subgraph)

Here’s a new version of the adapter Aave Fees Adapter - CryptoStats fixing quite a few things on fee counting (don’t double count parts of flashloans, properly count v3 fees withoutclaim spikes,…)