Aave Treasury

The Aave treasury adapter needs to be updated to include additional ecosystem reserve addresses.

Here’s some details sent to me from Alex Berto G. of Aave:

For Aave you have correctly identified the ecosystem reserve but the ecosystem collections seem innacurate as they sum up to $30m accross all markets. Here are the wallet addressess:

V1 DeBank | DeFi Wallet for Ethereum Users
V2 + AMM https://debank.com/profile/0x464C71f6c2F760DdA6093dCB91C24c39e5d6e18c
Polygon https://debank.com/profile/0x7734280a4337f37fbf4651073db7c28c80b339e9?chain=matic
Avalanche C-Chain: Smart Contract \ AVASCAN

This might also be due to some difficulties to finds the price of aTokens, if so you can just use the price of the corresponding token as they are redeemable 1-1